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Summit Classic

Summit Classic

All the features of the Summit, in a beautiful, durable porcelain finish in your choice of colors—plus a selection of door, leg and trivet finishes. the Summit Classic is an elegant, customizable package that delivers the ultimate in wood-burning performance for spaces up to 3000 square feet.
  • Details

    Heat Output Cord Wood (BTU)99,000 BTU
    Heat Output EPA (BTU)38,500 BTU
    Emissions3.9 gm/hr
    Firebox Size3.0 cu.ft.
    Log Size (recommended)18 in.
    Log Size (max.)20 in.
    Burn Time (max.)10 hrs

    Reliable, durable non-catalytic technology
    Air wash system for super clean ceramic glass
    Easy to use ash disposal system
    High-tech multi-port combustion air injection system
    Inside and outside combustion air capable
    Floating firebox for extended stove life
    Easy and safe front to back fuel loading
    Heavy plate-steel top under decorative top
    304 Stainless Steel baffle, insulation cover, rails and flame shield
    Boost air for easy lighting
    Mobile home approved
    Extended Burn Technology (EBT)
    Single-Lever Air Control
    EPA Certified

    Legs available ­in four finishes
    Arched Door available in four finishes
    Decorative Trivet available in three finishes
    Porcelain Enamel: choice of eight colors
    Screen door

    125 cfm temperature actuated variable speed blower
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