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Mitsubishi M-Series HM Indoor

Mitsubishi M-Series HM Indoor

Single Zone Heat Pump INVERTER, This product requires a compatible outdoor condenser for functionality. 

Different sizes to choose from:
9,000 BTU Model: MSZ-HM09NA-U1
12,000 BTU Model: MSZ-HM12NA-U1
15,000 BTU Model: MSZ-HM15NA-U1
18,000 BTU Model: MSZ-HM18NA-U1
24,000 BTU Model: MSZ-HM24NA-U1
  • Details

    A value-line that appeals to cost-conscious customers. The HM models offer competitive options across various models. Model features include:

    -Single-zone heat pump systems: 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 kBtu/h
    -Efficiency: 18 SEER / 10.0 HSPF and up
    -Blue fin coating on outdoor system for increased coil protection and longer life
    -Four fan speeds
    -Cooling operating range: 14° F to 115° F
    -Heating operating range: 5° F to 75° F
    -Handheld remote controller
    -12-hour timer
    -ECONO COOL mode
    -Auto restart
    -Auto changeover
    -M-NET interface (CN105)

    This new pro-line model is perfect for installation in expansive residential projects such as condominiums and apartments, especially given the product’s increased energy efficiency and reduced footprint.
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