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Mitsubishi M-Series GL Outdoor

Mitsubishi M-Series GL Outdoor

Single Zone Heat Pump COMPRESSOR, This product requires a compatible indoor inverter for functionality.

The latest generation of wall-mounted M-Series models is here. Introducing the GL line, the successor to the popular GE models. These models provide enhanced, industry-leading performance for the single-zone ductless product category.
  • Details

    Slim and compact, INVERTER-driven compressor, quiet, Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM), A-control connection, auto cool/heat changeover, blue fin coating on outdoor unit

    9,000 BTU Model: MUY-GL09NA-U1
    9,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GL09NA-U1
    9,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GL09NA-U8
    12,000 BTU Model: MUY-GL12NA-U1
    12,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GL12NA-U1
    15,000 BTU Model: MUY-GL15NA-U1
    15,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GL15NA-U1
    18,000 BTU Model: MUY-GL18NA-U1
    18,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GL18NA-U1
    24,000 BTU Model: MUY-GL24NA-U1
    24,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GL24NA-U1
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