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Mitsubishi M-Series GE outdoor

Mitsubishi M-Series GE outdoor

Single Zone Heat Pump COMPRESSOR, This product requires a compatible indoor inverter for functionality.

With SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings as high as 21.0, you can count on these systems to meet your efficiency needs.

Following a power outage, systems automatically restart so you'll be back to comfortable in no time at all.

High humidity can make it feel hotter in your room than it really is. Switching from Cooling to Dry Mode will dehumidify the air in your room, making it more comfortable.

Unlike traditional systems, our air discharge is positioned on the side rather than the top, giving you more options for placement of the unit.
  • Details

    Slim and compact, INVERTER-driven compressor, quiet, Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM), A-control connection, auto cool/heat changeover

    9,000 BTU Model: MUY-GE09NA
    9,000 BTU Model: MUY-GE09NA2
    9,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GE09NA
    9,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GE09NA2
    12,000 BTU Model: MUY-GE12NA
    12,000 BTU Model: MUY-GE12NA2
    12,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GE12NA
    12,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GE12NA2
    15,000 BTU Model: MUY-GE15NA
    15,000 BTU Model: MUY-GE15NA-1
    15,000 BTU Model: MUY-GE15NA2
    15,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GE15NA
    15,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GE15NA-1
    15,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GE15NA2
    18,000 BTU Model: MUY-GE18NA
    18,000 BTU Model: MUY-GE18NA-1
    18,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GE18NA
    18,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GE18NA-1
    24,000 BTU Model: MUY-GE24NA
    24,000 BTU Model: MUZ-GE24NA
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