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Mitsubishi M-Series FH outdoor

Mitsubishi M-Series FH outdoor

Single Zone Heat Pump COMPRESSOR, This product requires a compatible indoor inverter for functionality.

The new MUZ-FH family of outdoor condensers paired with MSZ-FH indoor units are ideal for conditioning residential rooms/spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, garages, basements, kitchens, bonus rooms, out buildings, and more. These ultra efficient systems are also powerful and ideal for extreme climates
  • Details

    Slim and compact, INVERTER-driven compressor, quiet, Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM), A-control connection, auto cool/heat changeover, hyper heating performance, blue fin coating on outdoor unit

    6,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH06NA
    6,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH06NAH
    9,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH09NA
    9,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH09NA-1
    9,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH09NAH
    12,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH12NA
    12,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH12NA-1
    12,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH12NAH
    15,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH15NA
    15,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH15NAH
    18,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH18NA
    18,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH18NA2
    18,000 BTU Model: MUZ-FH18NAH2
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