Majestic Ruby 35" Gas Insert

Majestic stands for outstanding durability, stunning looks and long lasting performance in wood and gas fireplaces. Ensuring that we make environmentally conscious decisions is a key factor when selecting the products and services we choose to buy and use. Learn more about our history, our exclusive technologies, and more 
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    Model Specifications
    Ruby 35" Gas Insert
    Appliance Width: 34-5/8"
    Appliance Height: 24-1/16"
    Appliance Depth: 15-11/16"
    Front Width Minimum Firebox Opening: 35-1/8"
    Height Minimum Firebox Opening: 24-3/8"
    Depth Minimum Firebox Opening: 16"
    Back Width Minimum Firebox Opening: 24"
    Fuel Type: Natural gas or liquid propane by conversion
    BTU/hr Input: 35,000
    Heating Capacity: Up to 1,800 sq ft
    Efficiency: 74.00%

    Ruby 35" Gas Insert
    AFUE: 71.00%
    Canada EnerGuide: 72.00% NG / 73.00% LP

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