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Majestic Pearl II See-Through Gas FP

Majestic Pearl II See-Through Gas FP

Pearl II See-Through Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
Your home can be made exceptional with a Majestic multi-sided fireplace. The Pearl II see-through fireplace creates a unique experience. This multi-sided fireplace provides warmth and comfort to two spaces at once. Customize your Pearl II see-through with several interior options or opt for the contemporary look of fire through glass.

Quick Look
Brick or reflective Black glass interior panel options
Multiple front options in multiple finishes
Customize the interior of the with traditional or contemporary features
Create contemporary look now or easily convert later
Optional Intellifire Touch remote control
Optional fan
Up to 38,000 BTUs
  • Details

    Model Specifications
    Pearl II See-Through
    Appliance Width:42-1/2"
    Appliance Height:38"
    Appliance Depth:24"
    Appliance Rear Width:42-1/2"
    Framing Height:38-1/8"
    Framing Depth:23"
    Framing Front Width:43"
    Framing Back Width:43"
    Fuel Type:Natural gas or liquid propane by conversion
    BTU/hr Input:38,000
    Heating Capacity:Up to 1700 sq ft
    Viewing Area:33 x 21-5/8"
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