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ESCAPE-I35 Gas Insert

ESCAPE-I35 Gas Insert

No more drafty, dated fireplaces. No more messy maintenance. No more soot and smoke. It’s time for an immediate upgrade, with interest.

Escape inserts start with patented, heat-radiating FireBrick® material. They end with vivid fires, glowing embers, and 25% greater radiant heat. On display with the largest, most authentic masonry appearance available.

17,000 - 40,000 BTUs
30 and 35-inch viewing areas
Patented FireBrick® material construction
Illuminated ember bed and accent lighting
  • Details

    Unit Front Width:34-5/8
    Front Width Min. Firebox Opening:35-1/8
    Unit Back Width:25
    Back Width Min. Firebox Opening:25-1/2
    Unit Height:24-3/8
    Height Min. Firebox Opening:24-5/8
    Unit Depth:17-7/8
    Depth Min. Firebox Opening:18-1/8
    Glass Size:31-3/8 x 19-7/8
    BTU/Hour Input:40,000 (NG)

    Efficiency Chart
    Steady State:85.8% NG
    AFUE:73.1% NG
    Canada EnerGuide:72.9% NG
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