Enviro E33 Clean Face Gas Insert

Clean face look - no louvers.
SIT Valve 820 (standing pilot).
SIT Valve 885 (IPI system with remote).
High definition log set.
Easy-access burner switch.
50% turn down valve.
Quick-access valve controls (Contemporary and Extruded surround panels only)

E33 Regular Surround Panel w/Keystone H 26.5" x W 43.5"
E33 Contemporary Surround Panel H 26.5" x W 44.1"
E33 Oversize Contemporary Surround Panel H 29" x W 44.1"
E33 Extruded Surround Panel H 26.5" x W 44.1"
E33 Oversize Extruded Panel H 29" x W 44.1"
E33 Trimmable Filler Panel H 38" x W 46"
Available with LP Conversion Kit.
Available with Remote or Thermostat Controls.
Available with Glass or Log Set Burners.
Brick Liner with Log Set.
Porcelain Liner for Glass or Log Set.
Clear Glass Beads.
  • Details

    Heating Area 1800 sq ft
    BTU's 34000
    Efficiency 82%Glass
    Size 513 sq in
    Convection Fan 150 CFM
    Dimensions 32” x 15” x 20”

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